We provide care & support for cancer patients and their families.


Supporting cancer patients and their families.


Our core mission is to provide emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families undergoing treatment for cancer through a comprehensive chaplaincy program. We want this comprehensive chaplaincy and support program that we have brought to a local oncology center to become a model program that we use to expand to other local oncology centers.

The emotional and spiritual component of our chaplaincy consists of being present with patients, family members and loved ones while they are undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the center, and for those waiting for their radiation treatments.


Our Program

We want, first and foremost, to bring hope to those who are in treatment, their families and loved ones. We seek to build relationships with cancer patients and their families, that we might better connect with them and build the trust needed to really get to know them and their specific needs. And we want them to know that we will be there for them in any way that works best for them. The following is an outline of what our chaplaincy program has been designed to provide, and to address:

  • Spiritual and Emotional Support: Provide spiritual assessment of patients. Help patients to get in touch with, and in tune with their own spirituality and /or faith tradition.

  • Individual support: Provide patients, their families, and loved ones with individualized emotional and spiritual support and care.

  • Support Group: For patients and their families

  • Visitations: Home and hospital visitations as requested.

  • Counseling: Stress management and coping skills counseling, and grief support.

  • Cancer Staff Support: Support physicians, nurses and staff as requested.

  • Group support: Inform, and act as liaison, for staff and patient’s families in ongoing faith-based support group for patients and their families and loved ones.


Tangible Help

We also feel that the material needs of some patients are not being met. For those patients, we partner with local community organizations, nonprofits, and churches who can meet those needs. The following list is an example of the kind of resources we hope to make available through these organizations:

  • Meals

  • Rides

  • Household services, and home maintenance issues

  • Clinical Trials


Our Impact

Read Darren & Mariza's Story for an inspiring look at how Esperas4cancer is helping families heal.


Support Our Work

Have you or someone you know and love been affected by cancer? Help us provide care and support by generously donating to esperas4cancer.  Help us bring hope and encouragement to those fighting the battle of their lives.


Your donations to esperas4cancer are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. EIN:82-1089310